TORRE BELLVER, Castelló, Spain



Status: Master Planning & Architecture Competition
Client: Costa Bellver
Type: Resort Hotel Development
Collaborations: Alliance Slow Life Architects & Pich Architects
Land area: 19 ha.
Buildable area: 18.000 m2



TORRE BELLVER is a lifestyle resort, a destination designed on a human scale according to low environmental impact principles, where to live, stay, visit, socialise and stimulate the senses, in a unique and «unspoilt» site on the Mediterranean coastline.

SLA & PICH competition approach has been focused to deliver a new vision to the existing development, adding a new vision as a master planned community, committed with ESG principles, self-sufficient energetically using resources and local materials. A project where architecture, landscape and environment merge into one.

The proposed project with 105 lodging units, includes hotel bedrooms, branded residences and studios, fully integrated on its natural site to achieve a reference health & wellness community, unique for its intimacy and natural approach at the Costa de Azahar.

Date: 2022