Residences Château de Boulémont, Crespières, France


Name: Château de Boulémont, Paris
Status: Masterplan
Client: Prop & Co.
Type:  Senior Community Development
Land area: 21.300 m2
Buildable area: 7.000 sqm


CHATEAU DE BOULEMONT is a new concept for a Senior Community, located in a natural estate, around the existing Château, its dependences and its gorgeous romantic gardens, in the peaceful village of Herbeville, at 45´from Paris center.

SLA master planning mission has been focused to bring back to life the existing estate and its buildings, including a wellness boutique hotel inside the Château and designing 47 new residential units designed for seniors, with a special attention to accessibility and sustainability.

The project has been designed to provide a new way of life for residents, with all the primary facilities and services to make their life easier, but also with the aim to provide the basics to create a human community integrated in a natural environment, enjoying of the incredible green paths, forest areas and its romantic landscaped water features as lakes and ponds.

Date: 2020