Slow Life Architects + Pich Architects Alliance 2023

Slow Life Architects & Pich-Aguilera Architects is proud to announce the launching of an architect’s professional alliance that merges all our proven expertise in conceptualization, design and sustainability under a common professional platform.

We are a group of experts in sustainable development trained to generate value proposals oriented to tourist destinations, resorts, hotels, residential communities and leisure spaces, from conception to operation.

We integrate ESG criteria into the DNA of our projects so that progress can be made towards the common objective of a sustainable and decarbonized development of the planet scheduled for the year 2050.

Our commitment to the environment and future generations is to offer an integrated vision of the actions to be implemented to allow the development of healthy and sustainable destinations towards a positive future.

For more information: Alliance Slow Life Architects & Picharchitects Dossier