Healthy Interior Design

Which is the key factor for our health? The 80% of the impacts comes from outside of the sanitary system and are related with the environment, the genetic heritage, the socio-economic factors and the lifestyle.

We spend 90% of our time inside buildings, and according to recent measurements the interior is from 2-9 times more contaminated that the outside. That should encourage us to rethink the way we design the interiors, faced until now with an overrated techno-optimism, we propose to orientate the design to create a comfortable interior based on healthy solutions.

There’re multiple factors that will lead a design from standard to healthy, specially we should pay attention to control the humidity, the temperature, the quality of the air, the presence of electromagnetic fields, and the acoustics… as to promote the use of natural materials avoiding the presence of polluting chemicals (asbestos, biocides, mineral synthetic fibres …).

Better living is the objective, a healthy oriented interior design will help us to improve our quality of life.